Dr Rishi’s quote was published in the online publication – The Blue Circle on 3rd February 2020. He said “More government support is desired for triggering the digital revolution with use of new-age technologies like IoT, AI and Machine Learning in economic, healthcare and agriculture development. We urge the government to also focus on using the allocated funds for automation and mechanisation in these fields. With these initiatives, technology companies will be able to provide cutting edge IoT technology services for efficient waste management and higher productivity in the field of agriculture, utilities, finance, asset assurance, fleet management and many more areas.”

Praising the government for its proposal to start apprenticeship-embedded degree/diploma courses by March 2021, Bhatnagar added, “It is also heartening to see that the new budget initiatives have tried to positively address the skill-gap problem. The apprenticeship embedded degree, online education program and study in India program will equip the upcoming Indian professionals with the essential knowledge and competencies to navigate the data-driven world of tomorrow..”

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